– She is nine years old, and it came as a shock at dattera mi. It is something that you hope to avoid that children get to experience, ” says the father of a girl who came to the conference.

Students and teachers communicate for the time through the video online since the schools are closed because of koronaviruset. It was the 10th time in the morning, then the three girls of nine years at a school in Oslo felt that a man was present in the conversation on the app Whereby.

< p> “Turn on camera”

the Man lay in a bed and had on underwear. He should have said “talk to me, take on camera”. Guardian of one of the girls came in time, and so parts of the conversation. The man should also have exposed himself and masturbating in front of webcam. It was the girls who notified the parents.

– He tried to talk to the girls and asked them to take on their camera. They think it was kjempeskremmende and disgusting. They were a little afraid of who this person was. I was worried about this service is via the school is safe to use, says the guardian.

Rods of the app

the Theory is that the man has gotten hold of a link and come into the conference.

– There were three children who attended and then came up a fourth picture of the man. We think the man has appeared from the outside. The app is only for skoleelevene and teachers. I was one of the adults was at home and went in and saw it myself, ” says the mother of the child.

NRK has been in contact with the principal at the appropriate elementary school. He confirms that there was an event at the digital classroom the school uses. He says that the school, which has children in the first to the seventh step, look very seriously at what happened, and that it will be delivered to a police report on the incident.

– We don’t know how they have come into the digital classroom. The person must have gotten hold of a link that let him in, ” says the principal.

the School consulted with the department of information security in Utdanningsadministrasjonen and agreed to close the digital classrooms.

– We chose to shut undervisningsappen, and moved the lessons over to the Teams (communication platform, journ.anm.) after advice from utdanningsadministrasjonen, ” says the principal.


Product and chief technology officer Ingrid Ødegaard in Which apologize and explain how they think the event could happen.

Ingrid Ødegaard in Whereby.

Photo: Whereby

– the Person must most likely just guessed on the hub on the link to this conversation. Unfortunately, there are some users that sit and looking for links, ” says Ødegaard.

She tells us that So do what they can to block these individuals from the service or block specific ip addresses. Several schools are using their app.

– It is very regrettable and something that should not happen at all. We take it very seriously and are working actively with all the cases we hear about and shut users out. We would not, of course, that the service shall be used for this. We encourage all who are experiencing unwanted things to get in touch with us so that we can act quickly.

– How secure do you think their service is?

– You can for example lock the rooms, so that only those who should be let in. The teacher owns the room and is the only one that can drop people in on the accounts that the schools manage.

– Has this happened before?

– Yes, it has happened before. We have many million users all over the world, but this is the first case in Norway I’ve heard about in a long time.

– Are you less safe than others?

– No, I will not say it. We have the tools that make that you can have completely private conversations, but you have to balance usability and security. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible for the internet services of this scale to prevent this from happening.