The organizers of Wimbledon last 17 years was insured by the pandemic

the Wimbledon tennis tournament which was to start June 29, will cover almost half of the costs due to the cancellation of the competition in the current season at the expense of the underwriters.

according to the TV channel Eurosport with reference to the Action Network, all England lawn tennis club for 17 years of paying 2 million dollars to get insurance in case of a pandemic. This year, the fashion industry has put an end to the plans of the organizers, but long-term investment paid off.

the Insurance company will pay Wimbledon 141 million dollars. Expected revenues from television broadcasts, ticket sales and sponsorship contracts had to be almost 310 million, so the foresight of the organizers of the English major has paid off for the tournament will not be a disaster pass one round.

Play is suspended, but we cheer for a different kind of champion.

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— Wimbledon (@Wimbledon) April 9, 2020

the Oldest tournament of the Grand slam will not take place for the first time since 1945. Contest on the green lawns has been held annually since 1877, this drawing was supposed to be a 134-m. Previously, he was lifted only in the period of world wars (1915-1918, 1940-1945).