The opposition shot down a Syrian army helicopter

the Armed opposition shot down a helicopter of the Syrian army. War machine fell near the village of Sarakibe, in the province of Idlib. Both pilots were killed, writes TASS.

#Syria: #SyAF barrel bomber shot down over Saraqeb front (E. #Idlib) as Rebels started new operation. Didn’t happen since 2018 (SW. Damascus).

— Qalaat Al Mudiq (@QalaatAlMudiq) February 11, 2020

we will Remind, in Syria armed clashes between the Turkish and the Syrian military. It is reported that the first blow struck by the army of the Arab Republic. He killed 5 Turkish soldiers.

In response, Ankara ordered the shelling of the 115 Syrian military facilities. The attack killed 101 soldier, destroyed three tanks, two mortars and one helicopter.

Earlier, Turkish President Recep Erdogan asked President Vladimir Putin to influence Bashar al-Assad to the Syrian army stopped its advance in Idlib province.