the Venezuelan opposition in October 2019 signed with American PMCs Silvercorp contract for the invasion of the country, the overthrow of President Nicolas Maduro and the introduction into its position of opposition leader Juan Guido. It is reported by the Washington Post, citing a copy of the contract.

the Publication notes that a copy of the document was provided by the Venezuelan opposition, provided that one of the applications is uninstalled. The cost of the operation in the contract is estimated at more than 212 million dollars.

the Contract was signed by the Deputy of the opposition of the Parliament of Venezuela, Sergio Vergaray. Signature of Guido on paper there is, but it is in the six-page document for shared services between the opposition and Silvercorp, also published by the Washington Post.

Earlier, Guido, proclaimed himself President, categorically denied any involvement in military operations Silvercorp.

About the marine invasion of the territory of Venezuela, the Republic’s authorities said may 3. According to the Venezuelan leader, the terrorists from Colombia attempt on his life. In addition, he stated that the two detainees of US citizens are members of the personal guard of the President of the United States Donald trump, and the diversion was financed by Washington and Bogota.

a Former fighter of the special forces of the US army and current head of the PMC Silvercorp Jordan Goodro stated that the may 3, initiated the operation to overthrow Maduro.

trump disown US involvement in what Caracas called a failed armed invasion. While the situation in detail he did not comment.

At the end of April 2019, the opposition leader, Guido encouraged soldiers and people to overthrow Maduro. He said that the army took his side, and called the events “the final phase of “operation Freedom””. The next day, Maduro announced his victory over the forces of the opposition. Russia supported the incumbent President, the United States recognized the legitimacy of Guido.