About the Wynental in the district of Aarau is located by a dense fog. It is shortly after nine o’clock. Janic van Rijs (26) this Morning for its second appointment with a customer on the go. The production line of an industrial company is at a standstill. The service technician must fix the Problem within the shortest time.

In such emergencies, the Steiner Werkzeugmaschinen AG is prepared. In his Van van Rijs has, at any time, the right tools and parts to bring the machine up and Running again. “The Opel Vivaro is big enough for my gear and small enough that I can Park in a normal Parking space. Just perfect,” says delighted with the service technician. He was allowed to choose the car itself. Because at the same time the Van is also his personal vehicle.

at ten o’clock van Rijs is back in operation in Gränichen AG. He is facilitated. Fortunately, I was only a backup. Now, the forklift moves up. The service technician must retrofit a rotary table on a machine. But before that, there are in the break room of the workshop, coffee and croissants. Also the managing Director and CEO Oliver Steiner (49) sits at the table. He leads, founded in 1945, the company in the third Generation. With CNC machines and 3D printers, he has led the company into the modern age.

120 years Opel

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Steiner is very vehicles, team – oriented and committed to efficiency-also in the case of the company. “If we are on a trip with several people on the road, we would build just the rear bench in the Vivaro. Thus we utilise the space fully and are able to chat to travel a little together.”

The Steiner Werkzeugmaschinen AG works with a total of 13 vehicles from Opel. As the owner of a Service company weissensteiner, what is the meaning of good Service. His car partner, of the Ring the Garage in Suhr is the CEO very happy. For example, if a vehicle needs to be serviced, according to the Garagist automatically. The service staff will pick up and bring the cars and, if necessary, provides a suitable replacement vehicle is available. “We have to worry about anything and can concentrate on our core business,” says Steiner.

to the device on the way to his last customer van Rijs in a traffic jam. Fortunately, he is early. So the service technician can enjoy while waiting for just the rich sound system of the van. In the evening, the work for van Rijs and his car goes on. Then he needs to rein in his apartment. Also the Transport of a bed, table or Sofa creates a new Opel / Vauxhall Vivaro easily.

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