The only remaining night they left Moscow passenger train Moscow-Beijing

Yaroslavsky station in Moscow the evening of February 1 went on the train to Beijing. Willing to cross the border by train was not so much. However, workers are train crews conducting special briefings for all passengers.

the Night from Saturday to Sunday, and that means from the Yaroslavl station the train Moscow-Beijing. And this is the only train route between Russia and China, which have not been suspended due to the threat of coronavirus.

Those who want to cross the border and leave the country by train, virtually none. Just two people who chose rail road to return to his home. This couple is traveling to Shenzhen. “We live in the South of China, and this is important — explain the passengers. In the centre of the city of Wuhan, where it all happened. But just there. In other places, worry not. It’s not that serious”.

This train is on the way six days. Who will join us at many stops is unknown.

Before departure a few minutes and the first five cars of the train that will get to the end point, to Beijing, nearly empty. There is no rush on the platform, inside also almost anyone. The rest of the composition — after cars will precept on one of the stations — go to Vladivostok.

Directions of each of the passengers is very different in different cities, different regions, 29 stops. And it is only on the territory of the Russian Federation. “I’m a hundred kilometres already down,” says one passenger. “I’m close to Kirov food, and it’s a secret, actually,” laughs the other.

However, prevention of infectious diseases by workers of train crews organized special briefings for passengers. All trains are processed within disinfectants.

One of the stops is in Tyumen, which confirmed its first case of infection with coronavirus in Russia. This train is waiting on the reverse pOoty, when he will travel from China.

“We are monitoring all tourists are from China, all of them meet and also conduct medical examination, — says Alexander Moore, Governor of the Tyumen region. Today at staff meeting discussed the algorithm meeting a passing train Beijing-Moscow. All the passengers trains, which will go at the station of Tyumen, will be met, and we will hold them to medical examination.”

the Restrictions affected a number of routes for passengers. But it does not touch the freight. In parallel with this at all is almost 9 thousand kilometers journey, all the conditions in order to minimize or even completely eliminate the risk of the spread of coronavirus.