As an entrepreneur, you walk up to the problems and dilemmas of. Do you have a question about it? In The Ondernemersraad is you are looking for the answer. Peter van de Breevaart (22), we have an online moestuinwinkel, We want to know is where did he get the money to invest in online marketing.

Company: the Founder, Peter van de Breevaart was set up: By 2017 the Problem is: How am I going to get the money for marketing, right?

How did you come to start-up funds for new investments? Ask Peter van de Breevaart (22) away from it. Three years ago, he along with a friend of his own moestuinwinkel. We are selling flowers, vegetables, and kruidenzaden,” he said. And that goes for everybody. “The first year we have had nothing at all to deserve, in the meantime, there is an upward trend in sales. This past February, and counted, of which 2,500 euros.”

Still, the lords are now not in their company’s life, and that is their goal. And this is more of a financial investment, you think Breevaart.. Then they started to invest in each of them five hundred dollars worth of the company. “The money we will need for the purchase of seeds and the setting up of our web-site. “

As they now have the money to do so? “A lot of Marketing,” according to the Breevaart. “We want to continue to invest in Google Ads, so we’re at the top of the search engine to come.” And that’s not cheap either. “You have to pay for each click, and if you really want to do this, you will is 1 500 euro per month.” And that goes for the Breevaart will not be available. So, he wants to know is: how do I get that kind of money?
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“Look, you are not blind, just Google,” says Annegien Blokpoel. “It’s a very expensive marketing, which is becoming more and more of the cost. You can get yourself out of there, so it is better not to be dependent on them.”

in Addition, there are, according to her, plenty of other ways to get new customers to come in. For example, by means of an advertisement in newspapers that are read by your target audience. “Looking good, where your customers are. It tells us, for instance, the Daisy, and the New, or journals? Than the wages there is an ad in the paper.’

“Don’t you be blind to Google.”

Annegien Blokpoel

If this type of marketing is not enough to generate business? Then, according to Blokpoel for Google Ads. As a way to get paid for this weekend has been a crowdfundingcampagne. “Ask your customers to help you. In return for making a financial contribution, they are, for example, a zadenpakket.”

the other option is, according to Blokpoel in order to request a loan from Qredits, which provides loans to small businesses of up to 250 000 euro. “But,” she says. “It is very important that you have a good plan you have, where you are from, you can explain how you get that money back and to earn money. And that’s the plan, you will also have need for investors, and, of course, for yourself.

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