The oncologist called the most effective means of combating cancer

Bruns believes that immunotherapy is best to cope with cancer. It is based on the medicines and the modified T-cells. “This brand new thing that only exists since last year,” added the doctor.

the Efficiency of this method, however, is not to increase the percentage of convalescents, and that previously incurable lymphomas were partly treatable. It can help a significant number of patients who previously were destined for years of therapy.

Bruns told that the new technology helps to fight certain types of cancers. For example, a blood cancer. But much remains to be done, because cancer is not a homogeneous disease, and affects almost the entire human body.

Also the German believes that in 15-20 years we will witness the growth of cancer. So in Germany on a given day about 500 thousand patients with cancer, in 20 years their number can reach 600 thousand. Overall, for combating cancer it is important early detection of the disease. Because the later found the cancer, the more complex methods of therapy will have to apply. “Than at a later period the patient is diagnosed, the more complex system of therapy, which includes surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, immunotherapy,” explained Bruns.

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