“We would like to consider various options, among them is the streamlining and simplification of the format. If we are to achieve understanding on the part of our citizens,” Koike said in the broadcast of the Japanese TV channel NHK.

Earlier it was reported that the Japanese side hopes to hold the Games in the full format, but just in case, worked out a backup option. Changes could include opening ceremonies and zakrytiya the Olympics, where there may be reduced number of participants. Also not excluded the option of introducing limits to spectators.

in Addition, there is the option of testing for coronavirus not only the participants and team members, but also fans. The changes will affect the movement of athletes – it is possible that they were forbidden to leave the Olympic village.

Games in Tokyo was postponed from 2020, in connection with the pandemic. Under the new terms, the competition must go from 23 July to 8 August 2021.