The Olympic Games schedule in 2020 is already configured and rebuilt

First, about the Olympics. Former Vice-President of the IOC, the Australian John Coates optimistically suggested that the drafting of the new schedule will take four weeks. The idea is pretty bold. Indeed, in July-August 2021, will go through two major world Championships in athletics, which sometimes involved even more countries than the Olympic games and the world championship on water sports. Besides, at this time, the millions of viewers watching two tennis Grand slams – Wimbledon and the Open championship of the USA, between which Coates offers and “squeeze” the Olympic games. If you add a legendary Cycling the Tour de France, the task is to find and agree on a window for the Olympics looks daunting.

Photo: REUTERS Nikolai Dolgopolov: Let’s hope that next year Tokyo will host Olympians

And member of the IOC Executive Board, Chairman of the International court of arbitration for sport (CAS) 69-year-old lawyer and entrepreneur John Coates has already started for the harmonization of these difficult questions with the international federations.

Easier just managed to find a common language with the World Athletics – formerly known as the international Federation of athletics. The world Cup scheduled in U.S. in Oregon from 6 to 25 August 2021. And athletes, not against transferring his championship in 2022.

Harder to fold in negotiations with FINA. First, as already wrote “RG”, international swimming Federation just a few hours after the decision to transfer the Olympic games has announced that it will closely monitor the situation around the championship by water kinds of sports. He is scheduled for 16 July – 1 August next year in Fukuoka Japanese. Essentially? FINA has reserved the right, together with the local organizers to determine whether his Promaintenance. And, secondly, to postpone this tournament for 2022 international Federation refused.

we Now turn to a purely professional tennis. The timing of Wimbledon: June 28 – July 11, 2021, the U.S. Open : August 30 – September 12. How to enter the Olympics, which this year could not be held in Tokyo from 24 July to 9 August, it’s not a window, rather the window, hard to say.

it is Quite understandable desire of the IOC to adhere to a previous time – July-August. And it’s clear that Coates, the closest confidante of Thomas Bach, full trying to move this line.

Photo: Carl Court/Getty Images Transfer of the Olympics will cost $ 2.7 billion

But already were heard again and the other voices that the IOC and the organizing Committee of the Games of the XXXII Olympiad at the time chose not to hear, skip past the ears. Due to the unbearable July and August Tokyo heat some grueling discipline has already been transferred to other cities, where the temperature is lower. Today in social networks, yet they only posed a direct question: what if organize the summer Olympic games in the spring? So it will be easier, at least to athletes. May Executive Committee the IOC will give the answer after a series of meetings, scheduled for the end of April. And careful President Thomas Bach, as reported by a highly competent sports portal Inside the Games casually dropped a phrase that the summer Games are not restricted to June, July, August.

Well, there are a lot of difficulties. And when it’s time to make some and not started the qualifying competition? And what to do with the big international tournaments scheduled for the spring?