In Zimbabwe 99-year-old woman twice “resurrected” when it was trying to bury. About this site reports Bulawayo 24.

an Elderly resident of a village in the province of Matabeleland North for a long time ill and suffered a stroke. “On Saturday about three in the morning she died, says one of her relatives. We began to prepare for the funeral, notified of her death the head of the village, the neighbors gathered and began to dig the grave. But when the burial, we noticed under the shroud movement.” As it turned out, the “dead” breathing.

the Funeral immediately stopped, and the statue took home. The next day, she again ceased to give life signs, and her body cold. When the funeral is resumed, the old woman again moved. “Usually the death of a state other elderly women, but after two mistakes, even we men came to the house to see for myself, — says a member of the family. When she was found dead, the body was quite cold, but then we felt that it was warmer. This testified to the fact that she’s alive. We were extremely puzzled”.

Relatives decided to take the woman to the hospital. Meanwhile, the head of the village worked on other solutions to the problem. “We are even going to ask Council of wizards, he explains. We reasoned that since she professed traditional religion might have some things that need to be done”. While they were preparing, again the old woman died. At this time, the villagers waited for a few hours, was convinced that she was really dead and then buried.

“Perhaps she was unconscious and very weak heart beat, so the relatives and the villagers found her dead and began to bury,” suggests the Director of the local hospital. Relatives of the deceased believe that she was resurrected due to the intervention of the spirits of the ancestors.

last year In the Indian state of Orissa, the man woke up during own funeral. When the body was lowered into the grave, the “deceased” turned his head.