Of all the arts movie is the most painless coped with the enforced transition to online, but the harder he will return to his former life. While in Russia, waiting for the opening of cinemas, Weekend studied the predictions of experts about what changes wait kinoindustria: Maria Bessmertnaya will be released simultaneously online and in kinoteatry the principle of operation of tested Universal to the movie “the Trolls. World tour” — it was the first Studio hit, released in the online rental where only the first weekend has collected about $40 million in Digital rentals, which has become a pandemic disease commonplace, the well proved not only in America. In Russia released a producer project by Fyodor Bondarchuk “Sputnik” is a Russian version of “Alien”, where the action takes place in 1983. Simultaneously closing the gap between offline and online premieres: for example, “IMDb” was released in the online rental latest film by guy Ritchie “Gentlemen” after only three months after the premiere. “Digital premiere is the new normal. The old system worked fine, but her time is up”, the General Director working with Universal marketing company Gruvi Ben Johnson, the Cinemas will fight for blokbasterom success “Trolls” representatives from Universal stated that they consider the possibility of simultaneous release of the new part of Bondiana “No time to die” online and offline rentals. After that, they received an open letter from representatives of the largest British cinema chain AMC Theatres, which stated that such a strategy leads cinema under the ruin. Indeed, figures, and worldwide, talking about the fact that in cinema the audience will come back just for the absolute hits and well-known names. “I have studied the data of several sociological surveys conducted in Russia and abroad. And the picture is almost the same everywhere: only 10% of viewers are willing to go to a movie immediately after the opening of cinemas, 60% of the audience will have to wait a few weeks or even months to assess the situation and 30% of viewers admit that they are ready to go to the cinema just for the high-profile premieres. That is why for us is very significant big releases that will bring the audience to cinema halls,” the Chairman of the Board of the Association of owners of cinemas Oleg Berezin Arthouse will take to streaminsight Arthouse theater began not yesterday and not even with the beginning of the epidemic of coronavirus, although it certainly helped. According to last year’s statistics, 83% of international box-office made a blockbuster. Serious drama, low-budget Comedy, indie films, experimental classics are forced out of the cinemas and go to streaming platform. No indication that this trend after the return of cinemas from quarantine will change, no. Moreover, on the background mode isolation jeopardized profile cinema, which most likely will not survive the shutdown. A large amount of data yet, but, for example, in England, the company Independent Cinema Office dedicated to the support of auteur cinema, last month conducted a study according to which in the country is not likely to open almost 500 art cinemas. How this trend will manifest itself in Russia, where the expense of such sites is ten, is unclear. “All program Directors now have one mantra — more good old classical movies, good and popular,” General Director of a network of cinemas EVO Entertainment Mitchell Roberts movie Tickets will be dexileos this in a recent interview, the General Director of the joint distribution Okko Alex Asasin. A necessary measure, which the leadership of the Moscow cinema is planning to take the audience back to the cinemas, going to last, according to Asasina within two months. It is expected that the same will last podkarantinnoy provisions of the CPS, resulting in a reduced average number of daily screenings. “Of course, the pandemic has become a catalyst for the development of online cinemas. But I believe that watching movie at home and in the cinema — it’s emotionally different things. Every American schoolchild wants to kiss a girl at the drive-in, and every Russian schoolboy wants to kiss a girl cinema”, the General Director of the joint distribution Okko Alex Asasin of the outdoor Cinemas will be the new bol’shev, podkarantinnoy circumstances, the outdoor cinemas, the rise of which happened in America in the 60’s, is experiencing a second coming with the international. The trend has reached and Russia: in June it became known that the Ministry of culture of Moscow region has launched a project to open Konopelchenko. Opened seven theaters (scheduled still the same). Within cities too, there’s a cinema format drive-in — one opened in the shopping center “Aviapark”. The repertoire of tested films like “Midnight in Paris” woody Allen, “Melancholy” by Lars von Trier and the recent Russian hits — “Text” Klim shypenko and “As Vic the Garlic was carrying Lech Pin in a nursing home” by Alexander hunt. “The security here at the highest possible level, because there is no contact with anyone except the person with whom you arrived to the cinema. The staff in any way will not be disturbed tickets online check-in via QR-code, food, respectively, also delivered online. Absolute privacy in the context of this theater,” Vice President for management of a network of cinemas “Karo” Olga Proskuryakova Festivals have Mamatsashvili in present timesruwayda between his classic mission of bringing audiences around the movie and the requirements of the new world, in which the remoteness and online be the priority. The first of the three major European film festivals to work is going back to Venice: it was recently announced that it will be more or less the standard mode in the beginning of September. North American film festivals (Sundance, the Toronto film festival) is not so optimistic and are already working on the development of online programs for journalists and a partial translation in the online film market. However, talking about the fact that the format of the film festivals with the attendant queues for tickets and red paths has outlived its usefulness, began even before the epidemic COVID-19.”For festivals that built its brand on glamour of exclusivity, providing a simple screening can be an unpleasant experience the demystification of the” Columnist for New York Magazine Nate Jones the Awards togethera war members of the American Academy with the streaming platforms (“Oscar” can’t get the movie, not released in a traditional rental) due to the epidemic of the coronavirus also seems to be coming to an end. Last month, together with the transfer of the award, it was announced that the competition for the first time will include the movies released in the online rental. Whether they are lists of the most prestigious and conservative film America next year, is still unknown. “We are waiting for a real revolution in the industry — a large-scale restructuring of systems not only production but also distribution and estimates movie” Columnist Vox Alice Wilkinson will become Clearer after the release of the new film Christopher Solanaceous the film community is waiting for the two Prime adaptation of the Disney cartoon “Mulan” and the new sci-Fi Thriller by Christopher Nolan “the Argument”, which will determine how bored the audience to cinemas. From their success (or failure) will depend on when the film will release worldwide on all the migrated spring and summer blockbusters. Sam Nolan this year had become the main defender of traditional rental. In March he wrote a column in The Washington Post, where he said that “going to the movies is an integral part of public life,” and urged all to help the industry: “We must think about the 150 thousand workers of the American film industry, we owe it to ourselves”. His words, he reinforces the action of three moved “Argument” is due out August 13.”The cinemas appeared luxury in the form of really powerful allies. Despite the fact that Alfonso cuarón, Martin Scorsese and spike Lee filmed their latest movies to Netflix, other Directors-authors, Christopher Nolan, Wes Anderson and Paul Thomas Anderson — insisting that their films were released on” Analyst and ��expert box-office marketing company Comscore Floor Dergarabedian to Read further