At the time, as governments develop life-saving measures to combat the crisis, every dollar invested in the economy related to the oceans, allows to extract at least five times greater profit. The data provided in the study prepared by the expert group on sustainable Maritime economy.

Scientists have named the four key areas of investment which contribute to the recovery of the global economy. We are talking about the preservation and restoration of the mangroves (trees growing in the mouths of rivers or the coastal marine area); the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions in the shipping industry; the increased construction of wind turbines at sea, as well as the development of the ocean to increase the supply of natural, rich in protein products.

in Addition to the economic and social benefits (increased profits for businesses, households, and food security), can receive benefits for zdravookhranenia (reduction of mortality and morbidity) and environmental (reduction of water use, protection of coastal areas).

According to experts, the industry based on ocean resources, e.g., fishing and shipping — is 3.5-7 per cent of global GDP. However, due to the effects of coronavirus, related to the sea economy was also seriously affected. However, joint efforts will be able to maintain a healthy natural environment of the ocean and provide a sustainable future, analysts say.

Modernization of the industrial sector with the use of green technologies is widespread in many developed countries. For example, Japan has invested over 22 million dollars in the development of wind turbines on a floating platform. Denmark has announced plans to build two giant artificial island and post them on wind farms.