The editors of the American daily Newspapers The New York Times decided to write the word “black” with a capital letter. According to the editors, is a “sign of respect for people and communities”.

We decided to accept the change and begin to use capital letters “black” to describe people and cultures of African descent, — says the official statement from NYT.

However, to write the word “white” with a capital letter, the editors refused. According to them, the word “describes a common culture and history”. The second reason for ignoring capital letters is the fact that the “group hatred and the supporters of the supremacy for a long time preferred the style in the upper register”.

The movement Black Lives Matter arose after the death of the African-American George Floyd due to the retention of it to the police. The wave of protests began in the United States. Initially, rallies in honor of Floyd were in Minneapolis, and then in the whole country. Later, the movement spread around the world. Changes against racism has touched many spheres of life. Thus, the most famous companies of the United States decided to Express their respect for the African Americans. Because of the death of Floyd four law enforcement officers were dismissed. The US President Donald trump has expressed condolences to the family of the deceased.