British nutritionist Jerkin Simon (Simon Jurkiw) told the publication T3 how to eat to not get fat during the quarantine imposed during a coronavirus outbreak.

According to Garcia should strive to ensure that the number of calories consumed match the energy costs that are reduced when people are sitting at home and lead a less active lifestyle. “A good way to monitor calorie intake, to better understand exactly how much you eat, he explains. — If you don’t like to keep it for calories, watch portion size. If you want to lose weight, just reduce portions”.

the Nutritionist advises to observe moderation in the consumption of processed foods containing large amounts of preservatives, fast food, alcohol, refined sugar and sugar-containing foods, such as carbonated drinks and chocolate. When losing weight, you should prefer food rich in proteins, in particular chicken meat, nuts and eggs, foods with a low glycemic index, such as oatmeal, sweet potatoes and legumes, as well as fruit and vegetables, especially green, for example, Kale and spinach. According to an expert, useful fibrous fruits, for example pears, raspberries and avocados. In addition, Jerkin recommended not to forget to drink water.

Earlier it was reported that Professor of preventive medicine and associate Professor in the field of dietetics Miguel Martinez-Gonzalez called the way to lose weight in quarantine. He recommended to stick to the Mediterranean diet and regularly eat fruits and vegetables.