The number of visitors of sports clubs has declined by more than half

“All fitness clubs currently operating at a loss, trying to save jobs and maintain current activity,” the Association reported. To avoid crisis in the industry, its members – more than a thousand operators, owners and managers of fitness clubs – sent a letter to Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin on the granting of state support (has”RG”). In the document we are talking about the introduction of a break on taxes and utility payments, allocation of preferential loans and payment of interest on loans.

Photo: Vladimir Astapkovich/ RIA Novosti the Federal air transport Agency has reduced aeronautical charges to support airlines

the Volume of the industry is estimated at of 124.8 billion. In the country it covers 4.5 million people. “We provide employment to a number uzkokoleinaya specialists: coaches, physical education teachers and fitness instructors. Are tenants of large development projects. In 2018 we keep prices. In difficult economic conditions, we do our best to make our services more accessible, while maintaining the quality and standards of the industry”, – noted in the Association.

In connection with the coronavirus fitness clubs had to adjust his work. Every hour of the facilities and all sports equipment are processed by special disinfectants. “All the fitness areas are equipped with apparatus for the disinfection of hands, are everywhere anti-bacterial wipes; the air is ionized and disinfected with special equipment, in all systems of ventilation and conditioning of the produced filters change,” – said the President of the Association of operators of the fitness industry Olga Kiseleva.

Photo: Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images up To 25 million people may lose their jobs because of the coronavirus

In the networks of fitness clubs World Class, WeGym, X-Fit “RG”, said that the treatment is conducted of premises, equipment, different surfaces using special disinfectants. Visitors can make use of skin antiseptics for the treatment of hands. “In clubs with additional bactericidal irradiators-recirculators of the closed type for disinfection of indoor air”, – reported in WeGym. Employees of sports clubs have received special training. “The staff goes through daily monitoring of well-being – admitted to work only employees who have passed the examination and measurement of body temperature”, – told in X-Fit.

Customers with a high temperature or signs of SARS are advised not to visit fitness clubs. They may also be the time to “freeze” the club card, free of charge. But to request a refund for the ticket, citing the spread of the coronavirus customers. To force majeure, a pandemic is not true. “If in Russia will be imposed quarantine and will not be allowed to visit any public places including health clubs, then definitely you will be talking about extraordinary and unavoidable under the given conditions the circumstances from which both sides could not come at the conclusion of the contract. In this case there is no blame, such an attack will affect all the parties to the agreement”, – explained the Advisor to the President of the Collegium of Advocates “Kutuzov” Dmitry Yakubovsky.