The number of victims of coronavirus in China reached 1488, nearly 7 thousand recovered

the Number who died from the coronavirus COVID-19 in the PRC increased to 1,488 people, the number of cases is 63 918 people. Such data informs an information portal “Wanyi”, referring to authorities.

on Thursday, February 13, the State Committee on issues of hygiene and health in China reported from 1367 deaths, 59,8 thousand infected and recovered 5.9 thousand throughout the country.

ranked by the number of infected in China is Central Hubei province, where there was an outbreak of the disease: on the morning of February 14, where the number of cases reached 51 986 people, of whom 4131 cured and discharged from hospitals, 1426 people died.

Outside China, the number infected with the novel coronavirus has increased to 505 people, of whom two died, reports TASS. Most cases recorded in Japan (251 people), followed by Singapore (58) Thailand (33).

on 31 December 2019 in the city of Wuhan in China was an outbreak of disease caused by a novel coronavirus. The who described it as an epidemic, with many lesions and recognized as an emergency situation on an international scale. Outside the people’s Republic of China, cases have been registered in 24 countries, including in Russia.