The number of victims of coronavirus in China has grown to 213 people

the Number of cases in China with pneumonia caused by a novel coronavirus has reached 9390 people, killing 213 people. 116 people discharged from medical facilities.

According to regional authorities, first place in the number of identified diseases continues to occupy Hubei province (more than 6.1 thousand cases of infection, 204 dead) and the administrative center of this province, Wuhan city. In bordering Russia, Heilongjiang province identified 44 ill persons, from them two have died, TASS reports.

After successful completion of the course of treatment 116 people discharged from health facilities, in hospitals there are more than five thousand people, more than 32 thousand are being monitored after contact with sick people.

According to the Ambassador of China to the UN, Zhang Jun, in his country, progress is being made. “Before, we didn’t know what kind of virus, but now we’ve identified him, we can distinguish the former types of the virus from new. This principle”.

the Russian head of government Mikhail Mishustin has ordered the temporary closure of the checkpoints on the far Eastern section of the Russian-Chinese border. Meanwhile, Moscow hotels have earned the mobile medical team; they are visiting tourists from China.

the Press service of Rospotrebnadzor reiterated that in Moscow there are no identified cases of coronavirus. All patients who have taken tests for a new disease, the result of the samples appeared to be negative.

the Infection was recorded in two dozen countries, including Thailand, Japan, Singapore, Australia, Taiwan, Malaysia, France, USA, Germany, South Korea, the United Arab Emirates. Many airlines canceled flights to China.

According to the Association of tour operators of Russia, if the situation with coronavirus is not normal until the end of March, Russian business may lose more than six billion rubles for inbound tourism to 700 million abroad.