The number of victims in road accident with bus near Tambov has grown to 19

According to the revised data, the accident of two buses in the Tambov region injured 19 people. Two of them died, have informed in the regional Ministry of internal Affairs.

the ambulance overturned in the South-West of Moscow

the Accident occurred at 06.59 on 566 kilometre of highway R-22 “Moscow-Volgograd”. The road to this place descends into a deep ravine, resembling a wind tunnel.

– was a hurricane. Two double-Decker bus was going from Moscow to Volgograd at intervals of a few minutes. In one there were 19 persons along with the drivers in the other 23, – told the head a press-services UMVD Alexey Zhdanov.

as soon As the first car went down the ravine a gust of wind knocked her into a ditch. The bus rolled down a steep slope a few dozen meters, and stood on the roof. Two minutes later the same thing happened with the second bus – the only difference is that his driver was able to steer into the ditch on the other side of the road, not so deep.

the Victims were taken to the hospital Uvarov, the emergencies Ministry has opened a hotline where you can obtain information about the fate of bus passengers. Her number 84752729950.