The number of victims COVID 19 in the world exceeded 198 thousand

In recent days the number of deaths from coronavirus infection was nearly five thousand.

For the past day the number of deaths among infected coronavirus infection in the world increased by 4982. The total number of victims reported rose to more than 198 thousand people.

According to the world health organization over the past day have been infected with 85 530 people. So, for April 27 infected COVID-19 in the planet turned 2 878 196, 198 of whom 668 died.

Most of the infections are accounted for the territory of Europe, where statistics of disease counts 1 359 380 cases are reported. The number of victims of the disease in this region amounted to 124 525.

World health organization March 11 announced the outbreak of a new coronavirus infection COVID-19 pandemic.

The who commended the measures taken by Russia in the fight against coronavirus. The organization noted that due to proper and prompt measures, the country managed to avoid the overload of the healthcare system.