The number of photos of soldiers for

In the gallery at the Main temple of the Russian Armed forces will not only read the names of soldiers – we see their faces.

At the time of writing the material on the website downloaded more than 900 thousand photos of heroes: soldiers, guerrillas, Leningrad-blockade, and also people who worked in the war in defense plants.

do I Need to take the time to download the grandfather-the hero to open the media Museum, or it can be done later? This and other issues I asked the chief of the military media of the Main military and political control of the Armed forces of the Russian Federation Colonel Edward Maslovskogo.

Edward G., statistics is simply amazing. When I uploaded the photo of his grandfather-the veteran – to 650 thousand pictures. After a week – already 850 thousand.

Letters of war: field mail, anti-theft, and military censorship

Edward Maslowski: there Are days when there is more 30 thousand photo. In addition to photos from the site there is a collection of information and digitized images from the military archives. Collect data from the military enlistment office at the place of residence of the heroes.

the project has foreign analogues?

Edward Maslowski: our Project, domestic, completely original. Conducts the defense Ministry, the author of the idea – the defense Minister, army General Sergei Shoigu. “Memory road” is the sequel to the huge task of digitizing the archive of the Ministry of defense. In the unified database of almost 30 million records of soldiers and officers of the red army.

How you can place the photos in the gallery at the Main military of the temple? And when’s the deadline?

Edward Maslowski: no Restrictions: neither on the number of images or time, photos may also be submitted after May 9.

Central academic theatre of the Russian army: the point of reception of documents for “Road memory”. Photo: RIA Novosti

What if the picture of the hero will try to load his relatives from different parts of the country?

Edward Maslowski: the System will allow to post a few photos. But moderation, of course, will. The defense for this has attracted IT professionals. Please note: the site also have the option to download a copy of the front of the letters. It’s a touching moment: now that the epistolary genre rooted in the past and the word has lost its former brightness, particularly anxious perceived the lines from the front of the letters. Many families cherish these letters – and there was the opportunity forever to save.

older People the word “digitization” and “download” to frighten.

St. Petersburg artist showed the siege of the photos in color

Edward Maslowski: I would recommend you to use the search in the databases of the Ministry of defense of Russia. And the website itself “Road of memory” is created so that it is possible to search in other publicly available databases. I’ve done it myself: I entered the surname, name and patronymic of his heroic relative, clicked “Search in the databases of the Ministry of defense”. The system issues the card, it is possible to attach, to link. Everything is simple and logical. See “Filling in fields of information about the war Hero” – fill. But if it is difficult, you can use the services of specialists at one of the points of digitization.

President Sunday in Pskov was on one of these?

Edward Maslowski: Yes, it is a point on the territory of the 104th guards airborne assault regiment of the 76th airborne division. We have districts with military units in the Homes of officers deployed about 500 such points. Plus they are almost all branches of “Mail of Russia”. In Moscow, at ENEA, in many of the leading Metropolitan universities. Now working on an interesting project: through the offices of Rossotrudnichestvo such services will be provided to compatriots abroad.

due to border photos already sent?

Edward Maslowski: From Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Estonia. And even from distant corners of the world: from Argentina, the Netherlands (through the Ministry of foreign Affairs).

about the requirements for photos of veterans. Is it possible to colour it black and white?

Edward Maslowski: For us, it doesn’t matter. Relatives represent different pictures, including colored.

What will see the heroes of that terrible war, our descendants – now depends on us. Photo: RIA Novosti

be Sure to photograph? Picture or collage is acceptable?

Edward Maslowski: is allowed, but only personal photo, otherwise it is not clear what kind of person it is. Personally, I would use authentic pictures and not drawn pictures. But all at your discretion.

size of the gallery in the Park “Patriot” described in steps: their 1418, that is about one kilometer in length. A great complex. As among the millions of images to find his grandfather?

Photo: Gettyimages Explorer II world war, Aron Schneier: History can not be tolerant

Edward Maslowski: to Translate the steps in meters and kilometers, we will not, because the steps have important semantic value – the number of days of the great Patriotic war. Yes, the gallery huge. Find your fought family member will be using interactive touch panel: gaining the surname, name and patronymic – and all displayed on a large screen.

the Main temple of the Russian Armed forces in the Park “Patriot”. The complex is created a gallery of “memory Road”: here will place tens of millions of photos of war heroes.