the Total number of cases of infection with coronavirus infection in the world has exceeded four million people — the figure has doubled in less than a month. This is evidenced by the TASS, based on the official statements of the authorities and experts.

it is Noted that all the world is infected with 4 000 680 people. Mortality among carriers amounted to 6.92 percent — died 276 765. The Agency said that the rate of spread of the virus is slowing down: growth in the number of infected from one to two million took 13 days, and from two million to four to 26 days.

Russia in the number of infected people is on the fifth place. All around the country was 198 676 cases of infection, 1827 of which ended in death. With 31 916 patients with confirmed COVID-2019 has recovered and been discharged from hospitals.

Earlier it was reported that the prevalence of the virus in Russia has reached a minimum for the entire period of the epidemic. According to on may 9, it is 1.06. This ratio indicates the average number of people infect one carrier COVID-2019.