the Number of people infected with coronavirus in the world exceeded five million. This is evidenced by the data portal Worldometers.

According to him, on may 21 0:50 Moscow time on the planet is infected 5 058 715 people. It is also reported 328 186 dead and more than two million recovered.

At the same time remain active 2.7 million cases of infections. Of these, 2.68 million patients (98 percent) are in moderate condition and another 45 769 patients in critical.

However, according to project of Johns Hopkins University, the number of infected so far, only approaching five million, and is at the same time 4 966 006. The most affected countries are the USA (1 547 353 infected), Russia (308 705) and Brazil (271 628). Also in the top five countries with the greatest number of cases are the United Kingdom (249 616) and Spain (232 of 555).

Earlier the who had warned about a second wave of pandemic coronavirus. The representative of the world health organization (who) in Russia, Melita Vujnović warned against hasty easing of quarantine and added that the situation is out of control could face higher mortality rates.