The number of people infected with coronavirus has exceeded 85 thousand people

the Total number of infected with a new type of coronavirus in the world is increasing and by the morning of 29 February was 85153 man. This was reported by the newspaper South China Morning Post.

China confirmed 79251 infection COVID-19. And outside mainland China, the number of cases increased during the day in 1718 cases reached 5902.

the Number of deaths outside mainland China rose for the day to 88 (34 – Iran, 21 – in Italy, 16 in South Korea, and 11 in Japan, two in France and in Hong Kong, and one victim in Taiwan and the Philippines).

In South Korea, have witnessed the most patients outside of the PRC, 2931 people. In Japan contracted 931 (705 of them onboard Diamond Princess. In Italy ill 888 people in Iran – 388.

on Friday, February 28, the who raised the level of threat of the spread of coronavirus to “very dangerous” because of cases of infection in Africa and Latin America.