The number of people infected with coronavirus COVID-19 in the world exceeded 234 thousand

the Number of people infected with coronavirus in the world exceeded 234 thousand. About 10 thousand people died. More and more countries close their borders.

the Area of times square in new York was empty. The authorities recognized the city as the epicentre of the outbreak of coronavirus COVID-19 in the United States. Cases, there are more than 5 thousand. All public events banned. In Washington coronavirus found the staff Vice-President Mike Pence. It is argued that neither the Pens nor the trump with the infected had no contact.

the Panic intensified in the UK. Enforcement from this day closed all shops, cafes, restaurants. The mayor of London Sadiq Khan urged to treat the situation seriously. “Please stay home if you really don’t need to go anywhere! Please follow the advice of experts, he asks. In London infected with each passing day more and more! It is quite possible that soon the situation finally gets out of control, and we cannot cope with the threat.”

the Situation in divided Europe coronavirus — critical. France is waiting for the catastrophic consequences for the economy, the Senate has already approved amendments to the state budget. Italy demands the abolition of anti-Russian sanctions, which bring losses to local businesses and only exacerbate the situation. In Latvia imposed a state of emergency.

In Switzerland, announced the largest mobilization since the Second world war. The authorities continually reinforce restrictive measures. “Now forbidden to gather in public in groups of more than five people, warns citizens Alen Beerse, head of the Federal Department for home Affairs of Switzerland. And even if you have less you must stay at a distance of two meters from each other. Anyone who violates these provisions will be fined”.

amid quarantine, curfews and the threat of unrest, Russian tourists are in a hurry to leave the Dominican Republic. Its borders for at least a month closed cube. In Argentina, going recordtill then to punish one of the people in the country who used the ferry, even though they knew that infected by coronavirus. Now he will pay the fine, a record 700 thousand dollars. In Bolivia, for violation of quarantine sacked Deputy Minister of transport.

And the people of China, from which spread the virus, say that most dream about the end of the quarantine: they are tired of sitting at home.