The number of patients with coronavirus in China exceeded 72 thousand people

the Total number of victims of coronavirus in China – 1868 persons (growth per day was 98 people). All cases of infection has exceeded 72,4 thousand. More than 12 thousand were cured and discharged from hospitals.

the Rate of spread of the coronavirus (its official name COVID-19) slowed down, reduced mortality, said Chinese authorities. It is already 10 days there have been no cases of the virus in new countries. Against this background, China resume global automakers.

the world health organization is optimistic, but call for caution. “Data show a decline in the number of new cases, but these data should be interpreted with great caution. To say that the decline will continue, it is too early. We consider all possible scenarios,” said who Director.

In China issued a permit to sell the drug “Favi-PIR-VIR” as a potential cure for coronavirus. It is recommended for prevention.

Meanwhile in St. Petersburg the court forcibly sent to the hospital Russian Alla Ilyin, who had escaped from quarantine. There she was placed due to the suspicion of coronavirus.