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Koronakrisen has sent thousands of norwegians into the Hub queue. Since the middle of march is it registered over 400,000 job seekers and more likely to be.

at the same time, there has been a marked increase in the number of new businesses in march of this year compared to last year across the country.

Figures from the brønnøysund register centre and Visma shows that the increase has been particularly evident after 13. march.

Total in Norway was established 20.226 new businesses and enterprises, which is 2592 more than for the same period in 2019. It provides an increase of 14,7 per cent more new enterprises in the first quarter in Norway.

And no counties in the country have had several new businesses in Nordland.

Not only had the county of Nordland the strongest increase in the first quarter of 26%, but also in the month of march with the entire 67 per cent.

the Number of newly established companies in Nordland compared to last year.

257 new companies were established in march of this year, against 154 last year, the figures show the brønnøysund register centre and Visma.

nerve-wracking days

One of these firms is the Drone in the North AS Bodø.

the Day before koronakrisen was a fact registered the two dronegründerne Benjamin Power and Espen Pedersen itself as a AS.

The small company delivers dronetjenester as videos and photos, to small and large businesses in Nordland.

Technical director Espen Pedersen shows off the various drones in the Drone North.

Photo: Benjamin Fredriksen / NRK

– It is scary to post now. Everything is turned upside down. Had we could choose, we’d chosen a different time to establish a AS on. But we keep the spirits up, and bet that it will go well, ” says managing director Benjamin Power.

The brands well companies to cut marketing. It means fewer droneoppdrag to advertising, filming of conferences and festivals.

– We had a mission scheduled until June. Now it’s mostly turned on its head. The jobs we do now is about how businesses promote what they do in the koronakrisa.


the regional director Daniel Bjarmann-Simonsen in NHO Nordland seems nordlandstallene for start-ups is startling.

the Figures are so fresh that it currently is unclear which industries it applies to, but NHO Nordland think that people who are laid off are represented.

CHEER: – the Numbers of new entrants are formidable. We cheer at all that establishes the jobs, ” says the regional director Daniel Bjarmann Simonsen in the confederation of Norwegian enterprise in Nordland.

Photo: Øystein Nygård / NRK

Some may be businesses which will help in koronakrisa. With, for example, smittevernutstyr. There may be people who have expertise or networks out there in the world that makes that they can help.

Ledighetsøkningen in march is the largest in a enkeltmåned some time. From February to march increased the unemployment rate by 360 per cent.

today, over 10,000 koronaledige nordlendinger in arbeidsledighetskøen. It is rarely cost for the county with the lowest unemployment in Norway.

Bjarmann-Simonsen says one should not underestimate the value of a crisis.

” I hope what we now see is an expression of that entreprenørskapsånden live well. Whether it is life made for all new ventures is very dependent on what happens in the future, think NHO-director.

– Have set in motion a process

– History is full of examples that it is when it is tough, painful and difficult that you often see that entrepreneurship comes out, says Elnar Remi Holmen, Soft drinks.

Photo: Kari Skeie / NRK

It was 12. march that the government introduced the most restrictive measures since the war here in the country.

And it must apparently have set in motion a process with several people who have wanted to start a new business. The think leader in Bodøregionens development company, Soft drinks, Elnar Remi Holmen.

He believes the numbers show that it is not attractive to be laid off.

It is like when you are forced to take action and create new revenue, that it blooms up with the new company. In Norway, we have been safe, and we have low innovasjonsgrad in relation to other countries that we compare ourselves with.

he Also thinks the recent figures are pleasing.

the Number of newly established businesses in Norway compared to last year.

– We need new businesses if we are to maintain the future welfare at the same level as today.

Beats hard down on them as the shoes themselves in crisis

the Islet is not worried that someone will shoes on koronakrisa and redningspakkene that the government churns out.

” It is positive that it’s created new business models on the legal show. Those who utilize koronakrisa to their advantage illegal, we shall crack down on.

” I am glad that the government has announced that various authorities will follow up, as well as that it should be given fines.

despite high levels of unemployment and permitteringer as a result of koronaviruset, flourishes the business world like never before in Nordland. In the first quarter, it was established in 741 new companies in the county, and it is the most in the country. Here finance minister Jan Tore Sanner (H).

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