The number of lost jobs due to coronavirus Ukrainians

the Prime Minister of Ukraine Denis Shmyhal in an interview to “RBC-Ukraine”, said the number of citizens who lost their jobs during the quarantine entered because of the pandemic of coronavirus, reports “Strenia”.

Officially, in Ukraine registered more than 400 thousand unemployed. “However, we derive the estimated more than 2 million people”, — said Smigel. He explained that we are talking about those who have lost a job, is in temporary forced leave or is hidden unemployment.

the Quarantine was introduced in the Republic until April 24. Authorities have already announced that they plan to extend it, but some limitations can be mitigated. The President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky urged the Cabinet to submit a plan of exit from the quarantine.

According to the latest data, the coronavirus has infected 6125 Ukrainians, 161 patients died. Chief sanitary doctor and Deputy Minister of health Viktor Lyashko said that the epidemic of coronavirus in the country will develop according to the Polish scenario. “We are reaching a certain plateau. Our goal is that this plateau has not gone up rapidly so we encourage to adhere to quarantine measures,” he explained.