in The past day notify the Russian authorities about 1667 new koronasmittede. It is a little less than the day before, but still a clear increase in relation to the days before.

In Russia, there are now more than 13,000 confirmed infected. 106 are dead.

Are the numbers to rely on?

The official Russian figures are considerably lower than in many other countries. Russia has after all a population of 144 million.

CONTROLLED: President Vladimir Putin visited a couple of weeks ago a infeksjonssykehus in Moscow. Now he has pulled more back.

Photo: Alexei Druzhinin / Alexei Druzhinin

Russian experts are discussing now about the spread of the infection slowed up because the border to China was closed already in the end of January.

It is also questioned whether a part of the testing have given false negative response.

another possibility is that some patients have got stated pneumonia as the cause of death, while it should have been korona.

Furthermore, there is reason to emphasize that Russia is an enormously big country in extent, and that it can be to talk about a backlog in the registration of sykdomstilfeller.

A new phase in the pandemic

In the course of the last week, the number of virussmittede at a hospital in Moscow doubled to 6500.

INCREASED CONTROL: so Far, people have in the Russian capital, among other things, had allowed to go to the nearest pharmacy. It is unclear whether this, too, becomes more stringent.

Photo: Jurij Linkevitsj / NRK

the Influx of patients is now so great that health care works on the limit of what is possible, ” says viseordfører Anastasia Raková to Russian state television.

To the news agency Agenstvo Moscow she points out that it now be made clear until 10.000 bunks to virussmittede in the Russian capital.

Mayor Sergey Sobjanin stresses that the pandemic is far from having reached the top.

In the weeks conveyed the Russian state media the official version of the authorities, on the whole, had the situation under control.

Now is the tone is very different, and the seriousness and drama of the situation is now being underlined sharply.

Also, is it detected infection in nearly all Russia’s regions, although it is the capital that clearly is the hardest hit.

Permission to leave home

Authorities in the Russian capital comes in the course of a few days to introduce a scheme of special permits to those who are moving around in Moscow.

STRICTER: within a few days, the citizens in Moscow have special permits in order to move outdoors.

Photo: Musa Sadulayev / AP

so Far, have the rules been so that people can walk with the dog up to 100 metres from their residence. They can also go to the nearest grocery store, pharmacy, hospital, or shopping mall.

PEOPLE RUN: There is still some traffic on the inner ring road in Moscow.

Photo: Jurij Linkevitsj / NRK

But a part moskovitter have not taken the rules so seriously.

– Unfortunately, we see that not everyone follows the limitations we’ve come with that, ” says mayor Sobjanin, and points out that the authorities are forced to introduce a system of permissions.

this will make it easier for the police to determine whether a person is allowed to be out or not.

the President is less visible

The Russian president Vladimir Putin is usually very visible in the Russian media, especially when it does something dramatic.

time of CRISIS: President Vladimir Putin controls now the country via the pc and the camcorder from his residence in the outskirts of Moscow.


But now he is not as visible as he used to be.

Putin has pulled back to a residence in the outskirts of Moscow where he holds the technological contact with their co-workers.

prime Minister Mikhail Misjustin and mayor Sergey Sobjanin in Moscow has been given a prominent role when it comes to dealing with viruskrisen.