The number of infected with the coronavirus in the world exceeded 500 thousand people

More than 510 thousand people worldwide have contracted the coronavirus. It follows from the data of Coronavirus Resource Center at Johns Hopkins University (USA).

More than 22 thousand people have died from coronavirus infection of or in connection with it. More than 120 thousand recognized as recovered. More than 350 thousand – continue treatment. Most of the deaths from the coronavirus reported in Italy – 8,1 thousand, followed by Spain, which killed more than four thousand people.

most cases of infection identified in China – more than 81 thousand. In the Chinese city of Wuhan new type of coronavirus was first reported in December last year. In recent days, the country only identified dozens of new infections, and only the guests from abroad. On Thursday, Chinese authorities announced that they would not let the country of foreigners without a residence permit.

In second place came the United States, where more than 74 thousand cases of infection with coronavirus. Approximately the same number of infected in Italy.

Tens of thousands of cases of infection were recorded in Spain, Germany, Iran and France. All coronavirus at least one patient was identified in 201 countries or areas. In the last week the number of infected increases by 30-40 thousand a day.

the Possibility of coordinated action to support the world economy discussed on Thursday the leaders of the countries “Big twenty” in online mode.

Earlier Thursday, similar data appeared on the website Worldometers, which tracks online data on the situation of the coronavirus, reports “Interfax”.