The number of infected COVID-19 in South Korea continues to decline

According to the official briefing of the Ministry of health of the Republic of Korea conducted on Tuesday morning, as of midnight March 17 in the country over the past day there were 84 new cases of infection with coronavirus COVID-19, bringing the total number of infections to 8320. At the same time was declared healthy and discharged from clinics 264 people. All in all, South Korea won the 1401 virus people.

Photo: AP Photo/Ahn Young-joon South Korea turned the tide with COVID-19

on the other hand, was quite a lot of deaths. During the day, died six people, but then in the morning in the country died two more. Thus on the morning of 17 March, the total number of deceased patients COVID-19 in South Korea amounted to 84 people.

If you analyze the statistics, the validation of positive dynamics. Day after day, the number of survivors exceeds the number of new infections. At midnight March 17 in the country the number of installed carriers of the coronavirus has made 6838, i.e. 186 less than a day earlier.

However, some concerns continue to be the following points. Coronavirus continues to “break through” to other regions in the form of flares with infections of several dozen people. The latest such case was the infection of about fifty people among the parishioners and clergy of the Church, “Inhae Kang” (River of mercy) in seongnam-si, South near Seoul. As a result, the province Gyeonggi, which includes Seongnam, almost overtaken in the last day, the main center for coronavirus in the city of Daegu in the number of new cases. In Daegu was recorded 32 of the disease, and in Gyeonggi – 31. How fast will be able to handle the power from a new sourceAMI and how will they prevent such outbreaks, and depends when the virus finally leave Korea.

Photo: AP Photo/Aaron Favila 116 countries and territories have restricted the entry of South Korea

Churches and their parishioners continue to be one of the weakest links in the overall chain of confrontation COVID-19 in South Korea. Most, but not all of the Church heeded the urging and sometimes the direct orders of the local authorities to refrain from holding joint services. Some of the more fanatical believers think that praying together in the same room guarantees immunity from COVID-19, but, as evident by the recent cases of the coronavirus on this account, different point of view.

Another is not the most pleasant for Korea, the fact is a slow but steady continued growth in mortality. During the day, he approached one percent to 0.99 percent. However, admittedly, still in South Korea the mortality rate in COVID-19 much lower than in all other major centers of coronavirus in the world.

Korea is due to its effective measures to combat the infection continued to go down in the rating of the largest centers COVID-19 on the planet. The country of morning freshness holds the fifth place in total number of infected people, behind China, Italy, Iran and Spain.

Active spread of infection in the world made the authorities of Korea is also to tighten the rules of entry for all aliens. If previously, these measures are in force for those coming only from some countries, they are now introduced for all without exception. As noted in the government of Korea, recognized afteria COVID-19 pandemic became useless to try to calculate some regional centres, so as to get any regardless of passport. Over the last couple of days, several Koreans, who arrived from Europe, were infected with coronavirus.