Astronomer Michelle Kunimoto (Michelle Kunimoto) from the University of British Columbia (Canada) found that in the milky Way might be home to six billion planets resembling the Earth and potentially habitable. This was reported in an article published in The Astronomical Journal.

According to Kunimoto, one star of spectral type G (yellow stars like the Sun) have 0,18 earth-like planet. The proportion of such stars is seven percent of the total number of stars in the milky Way, of which there are about 100-400 billion.

To estimate the likely number of planets similar to Earth Kunimoto and her team of astronomers used a method of direct modeling of exoplanets have 200 thousand stars studied by the Kepler space telescope. The algorithm does not always correctly predicted whether a certain star of the exoplanet, but the comparison is generated using the catalog model with the actual catalogue the planets gave the most probable estimate of the number of planets in the milky Way.

Based on this number, experts have determined the fraction of earth-like planets whose mass lies in the range of 0.75-1.5 the mass of Earth orbiting a G star at a distance of 0.99 to 1.7 astronomical units (astronomical unit is approximately equal to the average distance from the sun to the Earth). The maximum number is six billion, but the actual number is much smaller. Also it does not guarantee the existence of life on planets, as in the Solar system, Mars corresponds to the considered criteria.

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