The number of deaths from the coronavirus in France exceeded 186 thousand people

PARIS, April 17 – RIA Novosti. The number of deaths from the coronavirus in France was 18 681 per day died 761 people, said the head of the General Directorate of health of the country jérôme Salomon.

on Thursday reported 17 deaths and 108 920 847 confirmed cases COVID-19.

“the Total number of deaths in hospitals and social and medico-social institutions from the first of March was 18 681”, said Salomon at a briefing on Friday.

He noted that in the hospitals died 11 478 people in the social and medico-social institutions – 7203 person.

on Monday the President of France Emmanuel macron announced the extension of the isolation up to 11 may in connection with the epidemic of the coronavirus. Strict restrictions on the movement of people operating in the country since March 17. In France, the closed cafes, restaurants, cinemas, museums, parks, stores, shops, schools. After may 11 in France will gradually begin to open kindergartens, schools and universities.

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