The number of the corona of death in French hospitals, will take the mark of the 1,000 are rounded. Experts are calling for the lockdown measures that can be extended to a minimum of six weeks. The government of france has the TGV high-speed train requisitioned for coronapatiënten in the east of France, have regions which are less affected by the pandemic.

French Health minister Tobias Veran is an market leader in europe. In concrete terms, it will be tomorrow, for the first time, a TGV (high and thirty coronapatiënten from the train station to transfer to the less affected areas. “We need to be our health-care system in order to determine as far as possible, the patients in the best possible conditions, and to treat it,” said Veran, the members of the European Parliament’s seat in Strasbourg, where the parliament is located.

See also the French air force, flying coronapatiënten Haut-Rhin from which to choose,

all The hospitals in the eastern departments of Bas-Rhin and Haut-Rhin could be the number of coronaviruspatiënten’s up to you. The French troops have, over the past few days in addition to a hospital, in a train station, a field hospital was erected. Also, the French air force has a limited number of patients in each plane to be transferred to hospitals in less affected towns and cities, including Bordeaux, in the south-west of the country. Also, to catch to Switzerland and Germany, the neighboring countries that are adjacent to the wreckage of the tourist regions of Alsace, the French coronapatiënten on it.