France has registered 7560 died as a result of the corona virus ago 1. march. Over 68,000 are confirmed infected.

France has registered 441 new deaths in the past day as a result of the corona virus.

This is a decrease compared to the day before, where there were reported 588 died coronapatienter in the French hospitals.

In all, 7560 people died of the infection since 1. march. It informs Jerome Solomon, who is head of the French national institute of health.

Of them is 5532 died on the nation’s hospitals. The other 2028 deaths are primarily residents of the country’s nursing homes.

France is the first in this week started counting coronadødsfald with in the daily reckoning, which happens outside the country’s hospitals.

It meant that the authorities ‘ statements about the number of deaths coronapatienter rose sharply on Friday.

the Number of confirmed smittetilfælde at the nation’s hospitals has increased to 68.605. This is an increase of almost 4300 since Friday, shall, Jerome Solomon.