The number of cases of infection with coronavirus in the world exceeded 3 million

MOSCOW, April 27/ Radio Sputnik. The number of cases of infection with coronavirus worldwide has exceeded three million, follows from the data of the Johns Hopkins University, which summarizes the data of the Federal and local authorities, the media and other sources in different countries.

So, as of 20.20 Monday in the world 3 002 303 confirmed cases of coronavirus. And almost a third of them (973 thousand) in the USA. In second place for the number infected by a margin of more than three times Spain (229 thousand), Italy – third (199 thousand).

Russia in this list occupies the ninth position (87 thousand), reports RIA Novosti.

Victims of coronavirus infection were 208 thousand (55 thousand of them in USA).

the world health organization (who) on 11 March announced the outbreak of a new coronavirus infection COVID-19 pandemic.

Earlier radio Sputnik reported that who told how immunity to coronavirus.

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