The number of

the Number of “black creditors” in Russia in 2019 amounted to 1845 organizations, while a year earlier the number was 2293 organization, said the head of the Department of combating unfair practices of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation Valery Lyakh.

“Black”, illegal lenders with 2019, was significantly less for the year 2018 were identified 2293 organizations that carry out illegal loans, for 2019 — they already 1845,” — said the official. Thus the extent of activities of the “black creditors” in the lead of the southern Federal district and the Urals.

According to the head of the Department of the Bank of Russia, the most sustainable schemes that exist are those in which individuals and individual entrepreneurs receive from these companies funds the companies themselves at some time disappear, does not take a long time payment of loans and interest, and then once in court demanding repayment of large sums, with interest.

it Happens that companies create several parallel organizations – one register legally as regulated by the Bank of Russia organization, the second – for illegal activities, said the Telegraph.

To illegal lenders, according to the regulator, also include organisations working on schemes leaseback: for 2018-2019, the Central Bank revealed 79 pseudoliberal companies.

“To this direction special attention, and we think that it was enough to stop the problem, and it does not occur,” said Lyakh.

According to the representative of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, in 2019, the law enforcement authorities used administrative and criminal measures in relation to 3 thousand illegal organizations identified by the Bank as 2019 and 2018.