On Tuesday 18 countries meet in Stockholm to discuss the nuclear dispute between the US and Iran. Switzerland is also in the process.

at the moment, the fronts are hardened. In the run-up to the German Champs Minister Heiko Maas (52) tried to mediate, but made no progress. After discussions with the counterpart, Mohammed Javad Zarif (59) and President Hassan Ruhani (70) in Tehran, the core points of dispute remain.

Disappointed at the Mass said: “This is a danger for world peace. We need to put negative, contrary to trend something.” It reported the “mirror”.

Japan is trying to was looking for a simple

Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe (64) the conversation before the Meeting in Sweden. He was on the phone with US President Donald Trump (72). Abe and Trump have exchanged “views on regional situations, including in Iran,” said Japanese government spokesman Yoshihide Suga on Tuesday. On Wednesday Abe travels to Tehran to discuss the nuclear deal.

Tokyo ratio keeps moderately good relations with Tehran. Abe wants to convey, given the tensions between Washington and Tehran.

production of accompanying uranium increased

The agreement was concluded in 2015, after twelve years of negotiations. In addition to Germany and Iran, the UK, France, Russia and China are among the signatories. The USA dropped out a year ago, and Iran since then with economic sanctions under pressure.

a month Ago, Iran made the agreement in question, and put the other Contracting parties a period of up to 7. July, in order to meet the economic obligations. Iran has not increased the production of enriched uranium according to the International atomic energy Agency, IAEA, as announced already, the nuclear deal hurt, but still. (SDA/jmh)