The Novosibirsk zoo has shared a video with fun games the fossa

Novosibirsk zoo Rostislav Aleksandrovich Shilo shared the video, which depicted the game female the fossa. The predator brought from the UK in September last year in the exchange of animals for conservation of endangered species.

the fossa is the largest carnivorous mammal on the island of Madagascar. Its prehistoric relative has reached the size of an ocelot — 17 to 20 pounds. The form of the fossa is quite peculiar. Externally it somewhat resembles yaguarundi and long time members of the cat family.

Earlier in the Novosibirsk zoo, these animals were not. Currently the female the fossa is fully adapted, feels great, “Vesti-Novosibirsk” and comfortably settled in the pavilion “Tropical world”.

Text: GTRK “Novosibirsk”