But The Norwegian Ulrikke Brandstorp, who will be participating in the Eurovision song contest, but in 2021 a time to act as a deputy for Ireland. Last week, it was announced that the Eurovision song contest in Rotterdam this year, has been postponed until next year due to the global coronacrisis.De the artists, who this year would like that, in 2021, you will only have to give them a different number to submit.

Some of the countries have already confirmed their talent for 2020 and the following years will be the same, such as the Netherlands, while countries such as Sweden, Finland, norway, and Iceland-have announced that they will be just as before a new, national finals, organized. Also, Norway is organizing a new international competition, the Melodi Grand Prix (MGP). Ulrikke was a finalist, but that she refuses.

“My dream has been shattered,” he writes Ulrikke is on Instagram. “I fully understand that Due to 2020, it has been cancelled due to the corona virus. But I’m hoping for is that Norway, like other countries, have been the artist that would help me in 2021 once again for the festival and send it in. I am very disappointed with this decision. I got to the final in MGP is denied, because I was only in the final will, because I have a good number to write down, and it’s not because I can’t go to the door to go.”