The noose and the beating: as the Brazilian tortured nationalists and the SBU

Author: Dmitry Kiselev

Ukraine’s new Prime Minister — Denis Shmyhal. Last — Goncharuk — ignominiously resigned. Denis Shmyhal began with a scandal first, saying that the Crimea is Ukraine, so there is need to supply water, and then, when he shushed, it is noted that while the Crimea — Russia, the water there technically impossible to serve.

Meanwhile, the President Zelensky threatened that if an agreement on the Donbas is not reached for the year, he will come out of negotiations. In this case he has allegedly “two or three plans”. Well, this mood is understandable why Zelensky takes not even what was agreed at the December quadripartite summit in Paris with Putin, Rules and Merkel.

the implementation of the agreements was a condition to continue negotiations at the April meeting of the “Normandy format” in Berlin, where Merkel has managed to have everyone over. It is now clear that the Berlin meeting did not seem to be. What is the point to negotiate if Kiev takes nothing, only waste time in vain.

the Donbass, meanwhile, the decisions are made. The Parliament of DNR admitted that the Russian language was now the only state. And Donbass will defend, gathering sympathizers around the world.

Author: Alexander Rogatkin

In a faceless crowd of prisoners yesterday it was no different. Didn’t recognize him. The crowd of journalists gave the place light and switched to someone else.

a volunteer from the Brazilian state of são Paulo, a policeman by profession (now former) and a revolutionary by vocation Rafael Marquez of Lusvardi after two years of Ukrainian torture and abuse was miraculously included in the lists of the exchange of prisoners of war.

“While they were beaten, they didn’t stop, beaten to the end. From the outset of the interrogation,” recalls Rafael.

But Raphael seem to have forgotten: our own and others’. Kyiv court dismissed a Brazilian citizen under recognizance not to leave, and he had few months hiding in an Orthodox monastery. Only Ukrainian nationalists remembered him well: caught in the street, threw a noose around his neck again and dragged him to the SBU.

It was a mistake. The monstrous mistake of Raphael. After the cessation of active hostilities in the Donbass of Lusvardi flew home to Brazil. There have long toiled without work and suddenly received an invitation by e-mail to get a guard on a cruise ship that goes from Odessa. It turned out to be a trap of the SBU. Rafael has just hit, arriving with a military card DNI in the pocket right in the Kiev Borispol airport. The best proof for it.

“They don’t hide the fact that it was a trap. Say: “Raphael, we believe that you are a big moron that came here. Because it is clear that a trap,” said Lusvardi.

the detention center demanded that he confessed to terrorism and undermining the statehood of Ukraine. Constantly beaten. In the end, he was sentenced to 13 years.

“Examinations never happened. Because of this, I can’t prove anything. They always said: “don’t hit in the face,” said Rafael.

a Supporter of leftist ideas, he was a regular participant in street demonstrations in Brazil. In the end with the police in which he once served, has serious problems. And Rafael on the other side of the barricades in the midst of street protests. Here is his “knit” former colleagues. Raphael was even arrested for six weeks — ostensibly, he came to the demonstration against corruption not with a bottle of cocoa, and with a Molotov cocktail.

Rafael appeared in Luhansk in the autumn of 2014 and immediately got in the brigade of a battalion “Ghost” — there were Serbs, Czechs, French. For faith, Tsar and Fatherland Brazilian Cossack fought in the regiment Paul dremova.

In the van put a heavy machine gun “Utes”, in old “eight” — AGS. There is a place for Raphael. He will cover the grenade. Here it is, a modern cart. The Cossacks call them “babaek”. Rafael and several soldiers lie in a field in deep snow. Brazilian unusual, but holding. Bullets whistled so that your head is not raised.

the Militia could get to close to the enemy Outpost, which are constantly shelled villages, and tried to suppress the firing points. It turned out that to meet the Cossacks from the checkpoint moved to the assault groups of the enemy, they lay in the landings and met the militia heavy fire.

Start to work mortars. Barely managed to escape from a snow drift. And here is Raphael. The car is sliding badly. Shrapnel struck the wheel and the radiator. From the trunk covered in snow chosen unruffled Brazilian. Returned and the second group. But something is wrong. Seriously wounded one of the fighters. Residents of Pervomaisk for long whiskers jokingly called volunteer as a Cockroach. Now everyone is trying to save Nicholas’s life. Severe wound in the head. But to take the volunteer to the hospital alive did not work. He dies from loss of blood.

“I was with a Cockroach just a few days. I didn’t really know him. But the other people knew. It was very sad, it is a great tragedy. It was their close friend,” recalls Rafael.

Then the Brazilian has fought in Donetsk and the battle for the airport was even wounded in the leg. Rafael not complain and thanked God for giving him the test, after all, a true revolutionary as the legendary Che Guevara, must be there where is injustice. “If Che Guevara were alive, he would have gone to Donbass”, — said the former volunteer.

After an exchange with the other prisoners of war, Raphael sat for another month and a half in the Luhansk quarantined. Hard, but so necessary: the doctors checked, and the local security services.

the Lugansk region Valery Efimov was sentenced under the new Criminal code of Ukraine for planning and initiating aggressive war. In prison he wrote a book in verse: “But we are not peculiar whining. We live in the soul element. We in CROVI flowing metal, for us Putin and Russia. And because the Donbass rebelled!”

After experienced wounds and captivity, Raphael decided that war will be no more. Dreams to go to travel to Russia. “I haven’t been on the lake, really want to go and Kamchatka. It’s beautiful. Smart people will find a way to end this war, without pain, without blood, without the loss of lives,” he said.

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