Clubs of the National hockey League (NHL), who will take part in the renewing of the League, lost a total of seven players. These athletes used the right provided for in ratified late last week by collective agreement, to refuse the overtime of the season without being subject to any sanctions. However, loss clubs cannot be called catastrophic: the stars among the “refuseniks” no.On Monday has expired the three-day period, when NHL players could take advantage under the new collective agreement the opportunity to refuse to participate in the end of the season in a play-off with the participation of 24 teams in two cities-“bubbles” — Edmonton and Toronto. The agreement provided that the members of the League, to make such a choice, will not be subject to any sanctions, including financial. This right has decided to use seven players. The list was Carl Alzner (Montreal), Roman Polak (Dallas), Mike green (Edmonton), Stephen Kampfer (Boston), Travis Hamonic (“calgary”), Sven Bertsi (“Vancouver”) and Zach Trotman (“Pittsburgh”). They all expressed concerns about the epidemiological situation, because even in a “bubble”, where players, coaches and staff will be tested for coronavirus, the risk of Contracting the infection will still remain quite high.It, however, is not about the big losses. Slightly more important a player he was for Dallas ‘ Roman Polak, who played in 41 regular season out of 69 held by the club. In this case that he has no plans this season to go out on the ice, Polak spoke for the first time in June. The Czech athlete was included in 17% of the players League, which at the time of a pandemic, returned to his home, therefore, after arriving in the US he would have had to first spend two weeks in isolation. Polak was convinced to restart the season he just did not have time to get in shape. “I would have after three weeks of training to start playing that at my age unimaginable. Young players can do it, but I need at least two months,”— said 34-year-old defender in ESPN.He was traded “Edmonton” in late February — just before the deadline. Although to establish itself in the new club green, whose contract ends this season, did not have time (played only two matches before the start of the pandemic, then got a knee injury), and the club made a big bet as a player who can strengthen the team defense and power play. “It was hard for me to make that decision, knowing that I’m losing the opportunity to play in the play-off for one of the contenders for the Stanley Cup”— quoted by Greene on the official website of the club.Ekaterina Remizova