this year the most exotic commercials during the Superbowl was a product called “Wilder — fury 2”. It’s not a Thriller and not a male deodorant, and a Boxing match, the retail price which is about $ 80. “Wilder” is a heavyweight boxer from Alabama, Deontay Wilder, with one of the deadliest strikes in the history of the sport. But “fury” is a British heavyweight boxer Tyson fury is one of the most charismatic personalities in the world of sports, although this is controversial, and the most talented boxer in the heavy weight, although this is even more controversial.

For fans of Amateurs the results of these undefeated boxers can produce a deep impression: the Wilder 42 victories to zero defeats, and the fury 29. But a more attentive viewer will notice that it is incorrect data, or

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at least, incomplete. In fact, the expense of 42-0-1 Wilder and fury 29-0-1. One means of their first fight in December 2018, which was an amazing spectacle, and ended in a draw.

this Saturday they will meet again. The fight will take place in Las Vegas, and this is the most awaited fight after the fight Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao, which took place in 2015. In fact, the Boxing matches do not play a special role in modern political discourse, but on Wednesday evening during a debate Democrats Senator Amy Klobuchar (Amy Klobuchar) suddenly remembered the match Wilder — fury 2. “I underHumala, on Saturday in Vegas will be a Boxing match, a rematch, she said, and these guys should go”. By “guys” she was referring to Michael Bloomberg and Senator Bernie Sanders, who were arguing about the tax laws. The joke was pretty bad, but it indicates that for this match, many point out.

the Fight of Mayweather and Pacquiao were almost one wicket. To the beginning of the fight, Mayweather was the undisputed favorite, which in one survey expressed a preference for 42 of the 48 experts, saying that he wins, which he did with great ease. But in the match Wilder — fury 2 the chances are almost equal, and the experts disagreed. Most people would never have thought to spend $ 80 to view a Boxing match on TV, but this is a special case. And there will be a few.

a Major Boxing match is both a fight, and cooperation, as both sides need to work together to this sporting event has taken place. (In Boxing there is no such General authority, which has powers to appoint and organize the fights.) Pay broadcast of the match is a joint product of the ESPN channel, has become the American home to the fury, and television “Fox”, which is associated with the Wilder. Fox also showed the super bowl this year, which explains the advertising battle.

And if you think pay per view is a legacy format, you are right. The practice of levying additional charges to subscribers for a major battle arose in the 1960-ies, which was the era of heavyweight champion Floyd Patterson. The third leading modern heavyweight Anthony Joshua is fighting on the streaming service DAZN, which works on a subscription, making Oplafor that view obsolete. (In December, Joshua won the re-match Andy Ruiz, thereby restoring his reputation, which faded a little when Ruiz has gained the victory over him in June of last year.)

Among other things, the battle of the Wilder — fury 2 and experiment. The right to preview the American broadcast of the match Mayweather — Pacquiao bought more than four million people. Will there be millions the same temptation to see Wilder and fury? If such a mouthwatering match will not bring much revenue on pay-per-view, it can be a signal that the 60-year friendship between Boxing and pay-address show coming to an end.

the appeal of Wilder’s nothing complicated. It has the that host and ESPN analyst Max Kellerman (Max Kellerman) calls “the most devastating knockout blow in Boxing history”. Wilder began Boxing relatively late at the age of 20 years. He has a reputation for causing such wild blows from which boxers are advised to avoid. He always wins, mostly by knockout. (Once he was awarded victory by the judges ‘ decision in a battle with bermana Stiverne, but in the next match he got even with the judges of the brutal knockout the opponent in the first round.) In the last fight against Luis Ortiz, he looked pretty mediocre in the first six rounds, but in the seventh, it didn’t have any value as Wilder’s right inflicted to the opponent a blow on the forehead, and he collapsed. “The soldiers have to fight is a 12 rounds — likes to say Wilder. — I also need to be perfect in two seconds”.

In comparison with Wilder fury is more experienced, but he’s not spectacular. The champion in heavy weight, he became in 2015, scoring awkward, but still exciting experiences.alleyway victory over Wladimir Klitschko, who for many years seemed invincible. Then fury for some time disappeared, and when in 2018 he returned, he had to spend a couple of fights with opponents of lower level, and only after that he had a fight with Wilder, which he almost won, but he almost won it. When I started the twelfth round, almost all the audience thought that fury Wilder wins on points. But in the round, Wilder found his two perfect seconds and caused fury straight right punch and then a left hook, after which the British turned back. It seemed that the battle is over. But fury did something, what nobody expected: he got up and finished the fight, earning a draw. (Fury doesn’t remember how he was sent down. “I remember I opened my eyes somewhere on the fourth second — he said, giving a video interview recently and thought, “Holy shit. Get up!”) Whatever happens on Saturday night or in the coming years, this image undoubtedly will be decisive in the career of fury: the man broke, and he somehow decided to become undefeated.

Bob Arum is a veteran American Boxing and one of the promoters of fury. He likes to talk about their fighters in the superlative degree. “Tyson fury is the most spectacular boxer of those whom I knew since Ali,” he recently said Arum, referring, of course, his former client, Mohammed Ali. The phrase “the most spectacular” may seem like faint praise for a boxer, but it’s not. Fury man extremely attractive. Not long ago he interviewed a former boxer Andre ward, the leading streaming ESPN+ show called “No security”. Ward asked fury about the time after the battle with the war Cryto when he was goofing around and apparently often drank. Fury spoke about his ongoing battle with depression and anxiety. “Preparing for the fight with Klitschko, I was afraid to win, he said. — I knew I will win, but I was afraid of this, because they knew that I would never have purpose, that nothing can pull me from this darkness. And I was right.” According to boxer, the darkness lifted only when he again began to fight.

Not long ago, the British press has described fury as a man of strange and possibly evil. He told “the Mail it Sandi” (The Mail on Sunday) that the legalization of homosexuality is a sign of the impending Apocalypse. (Newspaper denounced it a “vicious homophobic attacks”.) Curious sports fans also learned about his father John, who fought without gloves. He was put in jail for that during the street fights he “knocked the man’s eye,” wrote one newspaper. But after the break, fury began to look like a man inspired and energetic. This month British television on one of his channels started airing the documentary series “Tyson fury — the Gypsy Baron”, and it says that if fury wants, it is waiting for a lucrative future in reality TV.

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In this movie, fury’s father John, who behaves boastfully, but seems charming. He says that all men are fury fighters, and he decided to give his prematurely born son the name of the fighter. (Fury was born in 1988, seven weeks aftere Mike Tyson first round knockout of Michael Spinks.) As for the broken eye, John fury said confidently that it was a simple misunderstanding: “Just a disagreement between two passengers about what went wrong.” It shows the audience the painting, which depicts a traditional wagon, the camp and the people sitting around the campfire. “That’s how we lived a hundred years ago, he says. — Free as a bird.”

Today, Tyson fury lives in the seaside town of Morecambe in Lancashire, which is not a distinctive charm. Cameras show, as he takes the cart, similar to the one in the picture, and he decides to harness it instead of a horse. He pulls the wagon along the street and shouts: “The rocky Balboa there is nothing on the Gypsy Baron!” In the house we meet his wife Paris and their five children. One of them is constantly trying to climb on the window sill, for which he receives instruction. Fury said, “You know, why don’t we do that? Because the dad for buying this house agreed that he had her brains blown out. Now, my boy, I have nothing to kick, no brains left”. Then he smiles widely and raises his huge hand so the boy could practice. “Much Bay, says fury. — It must be a blow, not a tap.”

the fury’s Appeal is partly due to the complex interplay between wealth and profession. He says that when he had a break in sports, he was close to commit suicide. Stopped him thinking about family. Paris loves it but is very worried. Nervous when approaching the next battle, worried when no fighting. She says: “At this point I start to think: so, where are we now? And not starts if we have a black stripe?” fury sees in Boxing a kind of therapy, but of course, Boxing is too dangerous and destructive to consider its treatment. And if you think about the crushing power of the blow Wilder, the chosen of fury, way more similar than the self, and to self-destruction.

of Course, fury is confident that on Saturday evening he will be able to avoid hitting Wilder on the right. Well, or to survive after such a blow. As most arresting boxers style of fighting fury as reflecting his character: there is stubbornness, and amazing ingenuity. He found a way to beat Klitschko, and maybe he deserves to win for Wilder. In this sense, neither Wilder or Anthony Joshua not up to the achievements of the team. From informed observers, there is no consensus about which of them benefit more from the first bout or lost during this battle something important. It is not excluded that this match will be ugly and uneventful, with deceptive techniques and clinching, and the winner will win a fury on points, the judges ‘ decision. But it is possible that this fight will end quickly and brutally — win Wilder by knockout. Actually, both scenarios are quite likely. When the great puncher converges in the ring with the great talker, the battle may seem unfair. But it will be a fair fight.

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