as a possible version of the causes of suicide billionaire Dmitry Bosova some telegram-the channels mentioned failure during the “bad-trip”. Literally, it translates as a desperate journey. In fact, the so-called attempt with the help of certain drugs to conduct an experiment of your mind.

who Knew Bosova people claim that he has always led a healthy lifestyle, actively playing hockey (the billionaire sponsored “Night hockey League”), and has never been seen in the use of hazardous substances. However, sources admit that the Bosses could thus try to throw off the burden of problems, leaning on him the last time. One of the latest difficult situations that occurred shortly before his death — the rupture of relations with friend and partner Alexander Isaev.

Experts on psychedelics have noted that bad-trip — a very dangerous experiment. When people feel an inexplicable fear, they become disturbing behavior, they are capable of inexplicable acts, including suicide. That is why there are even special people — trip-shittery that are present in such experiments and keep a person from fatal steps. Apparently, near Bodovym this sitter was not there.