After the belgian’s design for the new omroepgebouw at the beginning of november, in the garbage can, the crabs had to wait for a new marsrichting. That is, it is there, and the invitation to tender indicates that it is building a deck smaller in size. In the first draft, it was still equivalent to 55,000 square meters, but it is now that, almost 46,000-square-feet.

in The quest for a designer is not a competition. Now that things are combinations of the contractors and the architects to the instructions.

for More on the VRT Hooverphonic take the next year to the Eurovision song contest in posts that are themselves out to the smaller opnameploegen: for example, the stations are located in the coronatijden as to Why they are in “Blocks” or even to shake hands, and in the “at Home”, the café is open, Empty studios, and present it from the living / dining room: with tv and radio, to feel the coronacrisis in the future