The new national Council is made up of 53 SVPlern, 39 SPlern, 28 Green, just as many liberals, 25 CVPlern, 16 green liberals, all three BDPlern than, equal to, EVPler and five other persons, not belonging to one of these parties. Out of 84 women and 116 men. From Right and Left, Conservative and liberal.

Is said to all this? No. Because actually 200 people sitting in the national Council. Personalities, which accounts for more than sex, ethnic origin and party membership. There are mothers and fathers, professors and farmers, enthusiasts, joggers and “poisoned” Jasser. At the conclusion of the historic election week looking, therefore, for once, with other eyes on the newly elected national Council and discovered some surprising Details, which are to be seen in the Parliament everyday rarely.

Five fathers of a whole school class

a baby you don’t know in the Federal house On each MP 1.6 children, with an average – slightly more than in the Swiss average. Many offspring, the – how could it be otherwise – a family party CVP. The 2.5 kids are the norm here. A whole school class, the five-bourgeois gentlemen Kurt Fluri (64, FDP), Christian Lüscher (55, FDP), Alois Gmür (64, CVP), Jean-Paul Gschwind (66, CVP), and Yves Nidegger (62, SVP) could open up. You have five children!

mushroom ragout and peppered venison with breaded

How proud we are of the militia to Parliament. In fact, over 60 full-time politicians politicize under the Federal home dome but. Also good lawyers, and farmers are represented. But there are also creative splash of colour: SVP national councillor Sandra to Berger (45) works as a painter champion and brings with a red strand of hair the color of itself to the Federal house. Less colored, with a cylinder and a black jacket on the way Bruno Walliser (53, SVP). He is dressing as the chimney sweep, the Zurich Chimneys. Good taste in choosing a job Marionna Schlatter (39) proves. The Green works as a fungal control urine. And it needs to the autumn mushroom ragout with a spicy peppered venison with breaded or a good beer, it can be determined in the Council to butcher Mike Egger (27, SVP), and master brewer Alois Gmür (64, CVP) count.

thanks to the women disciples!

The new Parliament is to become a disciple – more than a year. The website of the national Council of 2015 was just over 50, today it is not even 49 years old. The largest share in the rejuvenation of the women have – on average they are “only” up to 47.6 years old.

feminism-Paradise Obwalden

because Of the conservative Canton: Obwalden is the dream of all feminists is feminists! Anyway, since Sunday. As a single Canton, he achieved a quota of 100 percent on the national Council! Well, the Obwalden Chancellery have only one seat. But you gave it to Monika Rüegger-Hurschler (51) of the SVP. Striking the second place is: Seven seats has awarded the Canton of Basel-landscape, five of which go to women. A full load of testosterone, there are from the Valais: eight seats, eight men – a real Macho-Canton!

you will love it traditionally

Even after the “green wave” of the Parliament in a question, very traditionally, on-the-go: From 191 Selected that have made an indication to the civil status, are 116 married and two more living in a registered partnership, which expresses a longing for Tradition. 25 national Councillors live in concubinage, while 34 have not found the right lid yet. But perhaps the Yes waiting under the Federal house dome.

workers at the SP in vain

the simple man or simple woman Is represented in Federal Bern? Looking at the education degrees of the parliamentarians, it’s doubtful. Of the 115 national councils, which gave you all the relevant information, have 75 percent of a University or a technical College degree in the bag. The profession of teaching know just seven politicians from our own experience. Also in the former labour party, the SP, the labour in vain: more Than half of the social Democrats, studied at the Uni.

Oh, God, come Protestants!

you can Protest, either against the political opponents, or in the Church. A large part of the national councils is, in fact, reformed Evangelical. With 34 members of the Reformed beat, the Roman Catholic with 31 members in the new national Council. Jews or Muslims, one looks in vain. However, overall, only about half of the parliamentarians has answered the question of religion at all. The politicians are afraid of this confession about?

Snusen in the roller coaster

Hiking, reading, skiing – the Hobbies of our Councillors are hardly original. Hornusst because no-one? After all: Jassen still have nine Councillors. But there are also those whose Hobbies will surprise: Ex-GLP-chief Martin Bäumle (55) likes to bike. Because this is not CO2-neutral, do it but “a maximum of 200 liters per year”. Lukas Reimann (37, SVP) is of interest, however, for Snus (tobacco packets that you put between the lip and gum) and women’s volleyball. Whether sequentially or simultaneously, is not known. Priska Seiler count (51, SP) in turn, moves like a roller coaster. Probably the security of a politician is preparing itself for the turbulence in the fighter jet procurement. And Albert Vitali (64, FDP) finally, rabbit breeds. Why the fluffy Häsli were not allowed on the election poster, is unclear. Maybe you are already landed on the plate.