The new site offers the Russians a hundred ideas on what to do on the quarantine

Russia launched the website “ALL.ONLINE” selection from more than hundreds of digital services and promo codes. Its mission is to provide a comfortable life to the Russians, who because of the threat of the spread of coronavirus moved to a remote format work or study. The project was created the Ministry of communications and ANO “Digital economy” with the support of the largest Russian Internet companies.

the resource Directory has about 170 services and updated every day. The services of United in three groups: “Saving yourself” with ideas, how to organize work in remote mode how to safely navigate the city in a pandemic, how to monitor their health online and so on, “Rest” (what books to read, what music to listen to, where is the best place to watch movies and TV series) and “Learning” (how to help children to master the school curriculum and how to improve your own skills).

Included in the database of “EVERYTHING.ONLINE” services can be fully free on certain dates, available for the promotional code (it can immediately find on the site) or at standard conditions. In the category of “Saving yourself” for example, includes “Dokdok” and “Online Doctor” with free consultations on the issues of the coronavirus, “Yandex.Shop” and iGooods with free shipping the first products, and discounts on travel in the “Citimobile”.

“the Rest” includes a streaming gaming service GFN.RU that was free for a month, the video service ivi a discount, free cartoons from “Cartoon”, a free e-book from “Alpina”, the Neb and “Rostelecom”. In the group “Learning” collected free Express-courses “path.School” and platform Skyes School for learning English language program grades 5-11, and e-Biblioteka Znanium, which was free until April 30.

Text: To.Hi-tech