Earlier it was reported that the new season will start in early August. The current season will resume on June 19 and will end on July 22. The tournament, recall, was interrupted because of the pandemic of coronavirus.

“the members of the Executive Committee of the RFU has requested to increase the pause between seasons. We are told that after the UEFA Executive Committee will consider this issue. And now we come to next option that the beginning of the new championship you can shift for a week and start August 10. This is the probable date given the fact that the request to move the start was approved at the Executive Committee of the RFU,” said Pryadkin RIA Novosti.

In connection with the transfer for 2021 the final tournament of the European championship, the deadline for the start of the new season cannot be transferred to a later date, given the climatic features of our country.

In RPL also expect to transfer and the timing of the transfer window. Previously UEFA has urged national associations in concert to move the end of the summer transfer window on 5 October 2020. RPL President Sergey Pryadkin said that the League appealed to the Executive Committee of the Russian football Union with the request to bring the transfer window in accordance with the decision of UEFA.