First of all Natasha managed to overtake Lamb in the Silicon Valley, then the banks. 23 stock exchanges of giants they called on before, to seek their wage data to illuminate Differences and these are to be disclosed. You fought a system error that would be measurable and, therefore, easy to eliminate: the Gender Pay Gap. Women earn for the same work than men. A global Problem.

But ignorance and resistance were great. Especially Facebook has ignored for years. Data-super power refused this wage data will be disclosed. In the meantime, it is a penitent. But the supermarket chain Walmart is always transverse. Of all people, a group that has claims by multiple employees on the neck. As A Result Of Discrimination.

Lamb is not leaves but only in the case of applications, your company also created a Rating system to wage differences. Corporations such as Goldman Sachs and McDonald’s cut off as pathetic. Thus, they also represent a big risk for investors. Wage complaints and discrimination cases could be at risk of damage to their image anyway. Be Unfair and may also attract talented candidates.

After all, some companies have also managed to close the wage gap, such as Apple and Nike. Nike has adjusted for ten percent of its employees are the wage and the Bonus System changed. Only after lawsuits were filed because of the toxic “Boys’ Club”culture. Wages to rise in many corporations this year, women and minorities thanks to Natasha Lamb.

your commitment fits in to the big Trend: investors make pressure. Investors have become political. You want to responsible, sustainable capitalism. Even the world’s largest asset Manager Blackrock has written last year, a letter to nearly 300 corporations, to explain to them that diversity is good for business. They all had less than two women on the Board. Each shareholder may submit applications.

New employees get angry. Especially in Tech companies, many employees hold shares. 5200 employees are asking Amazon to disclose, such as the group of fossil fuels and get away from substances and climate is to avoid risks. Insurgents, employees, shareholders, and the action could set a precedent.

And in Switzerland? How can it be that a single woman like Natasha Lamb in the US has reached more than in Switzerland, all the pension funds? The critical funds to keep our money and, therefore, the lion’s share of the votes. Our billion, would have the Power to change the world. The Swiss lion in silence like lambs.

* Patrizia Laeri (40) is economic editor and presenter of “SRF Börse” and “Eco”, as well as Advisory Board member in the Institute for Digital Business at HWZ. She writes every second Wednesday for VIEWS.