1. Stranger Things – season 3

Video Credit: Youtube/Netflix, Germany, Austria and Switzerland

release date: 04.07.2019

It is probably one of the most anticipated sequels of the year. The third season of the popular sci-Fi mystery series “Stranger Things” starts at the 4. In July, the American independence day.

Will and his friends are now Teenagers and are struggling with puberty and growing up. So, too, Eleven that would like to finally lead a normal life. But the Evil in Hawkins seems to be not completely destroyed. Soon after, the city of old and new demons is haunted. The work of the Clique is not finished.

2. Suits – season 7

Video Credit: Youtube/Netflix UK & Ireland

release date: 12.07.2019

“Suits” revolves around the high school drop-out Mike Ross, who is hired by chance as the mate of the Star-lawyer Harvey Specter. Mike should have this Position because of his lack of Attorney, but Harvey is impressed by Mike’s intelligence in such a way, that he hired him anyway.

In the seventh season have to prove to Harvey and Louis are now your leadership. But they both have different ideas about the future of the law firm. Jessica can’t keep out of this new intrigue will arise. Mike and Rachel on the other hand need time to find each other again.

This season will be the last to see in the Meghan Markle as Rachel will be. After her marriage with Prince Harry, you will no longer be working at the rotary for more seasons of “Suits” here.

3. Queer Eye – season 4

Video Credit: Youtube/Netflix

release date: 19.07.2019

“Queer Eye” is the makeover Show, par excellence. A group of five men, the so-called “Fab Five”, accompany your target for a week, and advise you in terms of Style, housing, care, etc. At the end of this week, said Person should not look average, only with a new hair but with more self-confidence, a new attitude to life.

4. The house of money – part 3

Video Credit: Youtube/Netflix, Germany, Austria and Switzerland

release date: 19.07.2019

The hottest tip of the year: “house of money”. In the first two seasons we see the Professor and his Team, curious as you have one of the largest robberies in Spain carried out. However, not everything went as planned. The Team needs to come in the third season, with the consequences clearly. It is important to sort themselves out, and to expand the Team with some new players.

5. Orange is the New Black – season 7

Video Credit: Youtube/Netflix, Germany, Austria and Switzerland

release date: 26.07.2019

Piper Chapman is living a life as a picture book. She has a fiancé, a good Job, good friends, and is happy. But this ends when she is overtaken by her past. For a Crime that she committed with her then-girlfriend, is sentenced to a prison sentence of 15 months. During her time behind bars she meets women from all walks of life know and she needs to learn, in the prevailing prison hierarchy.

The seventh season of “Orange is the New Black” is the last. In the series finale, Piper has trouble to insert themselves in their newfound freedom, and outside the prison walls to navigate.